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ATHack 2018

Co-Designer Collaboration

Technical Skills


Team Adrianna

Travel Shower Aid

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Team Ellen

One-handed Zip Mechanism

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Team Kate

Connecting Earbuds to Cochlear Implants

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Team Juan

Improved Chair Performance for Power Soccer

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Team Ellen

BP Monitoring for One Arm

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Team Annette

Vibrating Door Alert

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Other 2018 Projects

Team Evan worked with an occupational therapist on designing an improved swtich-adapted pourer to dispense liquid from its original container

Team Elizabeth prototyped a rear view camera and display mount for a power wheelchair

Team Jeffrey worked on adapting a collision avoidance cane

Team Paul worked on improving the design of an arm brace to allow for coordination between arms, with increased breathability and reduced weight

Team Stephanie worked on designing and prototyping an accessible version of the game corn hole

Team Steven worked on prototyping a device to help open mail, remove letters from envelopes, and hold them for reading without requiring fine motor control

Team Taylor developed an app that allows users to replace the default keyboard on Apple devices with keyboards (e.g. Dvorak right) that are easier to use for people with limited fine motor coordination

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