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ATHack is our largest yearly event, students and co-designers from the community work on prototyping a solution to problems co-designers face daily.

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7:00 pm

Meet the Co-Designers Dinner

Microsoft Nerd Center
1 Memorial Dr, Cambridge, MA 02142, USA


8:00 am

ATHack 2019

Beaverworks, 2F of 300 Technology Square,
Cambridge MA


7:30 pm

ATHack 2019 Closing Ceremony

Forbes Café, 32 Vassar St,
Cambridge MA

What shop tools will be available for use?

Participants will have access to the Beaver Works lab area and machine shop, with supervision. This includes drills, hand tools, a mill, lathe, laser cutter, and other machines.

What materials will be available to work with?

We will provide a stock of basic materials including Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, breadboards, acrylic, fasteners, and adhesives.

Am I expected to produce a working prototype my Co-Designer can use?

The purpose of ATHack is to get students involved in creating and hacking with the AT space. Co-designers understand that the results of the hackathon may not be an immediately usable project. But if you'd like to continue developing your project after the hackathon with your client, we're happy to help and provide some resources.

Is this only for software engineers? Do I need to have previous project experience?

AT projects are interdisciplinary! We're looking for mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, software engineers, designers, occupational therapists - anyone who is interested in creating products in the realm of AT. The hackathon is about learning and creating - if you're excited about the projects, you're welcome to participate.

Will the co-designer be telling us exactly what they want us to make? Is there a creative aspect to the hackathon?

Co-Designers are looking for your ideas and inspiration so that they can work with their teams on an AT project. No one will be dictating what you're building during the event. There is some variation in how defined the projects are - but you get to submit your preferences after the dinner!

Who is allowed to participate?

The hackathon is open to MIT undergrads, grad students, and affiliates. The hackathon is also open to students from other universities, though we unfortunately cannot provide any travel assistance. We are generally oversubscribed, and run a lottery to give away slots in the hackathon.

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