2015 Winners and Runner Ups

We really appreciated all of the hard work, time, and dedication put in by all of the teams during last year's hackathon! Here's a list of the winners and runner ups from 2015:

1st Place: Joystick/bluetooth mouse with sip and puff capabilities. The team designed and fabricated a fully functional prototype that the client (who has cerebral palsy) was able to use to take pictures with her phone!

2nd Place: Music page turner activated by head motion.The team implemented both a functional mechanical page turner for physical sheet music by hacking a printer and a digital page turner for PDFs activated by head motion for a conductor with cerebral palsy!

3rd Place (tie): Bagel spreader. The team designed a motorized turntable bagel spreader that doesn't require fine motor control that their client, a student with cerebral palsy, was able to use to spread peanut butter on his bagel!

3rd Place (tie): Diabetes glucose workout app. The team coded a polished website that incorporates health data from multiple streams (Fitbit and glucose meter) and plots correlations between exercise time, level, and risk for a client with diabetes!

Honorable mention: Hands-free/core support walker. The team prototyped a walker their client - a student with cerebral palsy - could use without relying on his hands/arms, allowing him to use a smartphone/tablet well suited to his needs!

Thank you again to all of the teams that particpated last year! We greatly appreciate your time and efforts and we look forward to seeing you again this year!



If you are interested in participating as a student or client, we would love to hear from you at at-hack-core@mit.edu!
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