Welcome! The MIT Assistive Technology Club is a student group that serves as the starting point for engaging with students, faculty, and staff about assistive technology (AT) for people with disabilities. We also welcome involvement from people with an interest in AT in the Boston area and beyond.

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This is the email list run by the MIT Assistive Technology Club. Subscribers can send and receive information about ideas, opportunities, and issues related to assistive technology. The list archive is also available to subscribers.

Projects and Opportunities at MIT in Assistive Technology

AT Hackathon
The AT Hackathon is an annual event in which students meet people with disabilities, brainstorm ideas, and design and build novel assistive technologies.

Open Style Lab
Open Style Lab brings together design and engineering students to create clothing solutions for people with disabilities or caretakers.

6.811: Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology
Principles and Practice of Assistive Technology (PPAT) is an interdisciplinary 12-unit subject centered around a design project in which small teams of students work closely with a person with a disability in the Cambridge area to design a device, piece of equipment, app, or other solution that helps them live more independently. Over the course of the term, each team meets with its "client," iterates through multiple prototypes, and learns about the challenges and realities of designing technologies for people with disabilities. It is typically offered in the fall semester.

Past Projects

Smartphone Universal Access
Our student group was an MIT IDEAS Global Challenge winner for our project to make smartphones accessible to people with physical disabilities.

ATHack projects of the past year
The hackathon participants have been able to achieve some great successes in tackling AT challenges this year!

MIT Public Service Center
MIT Community Service Fund
IDEAS Global Challenge

The Boston Home (Boston, MA)
The Leonard Florence Center for Living (Chelsea, MA)

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